Metal Trolley

Item Code: BO955

This trolley is perfect for the child that likes to role play with mum or dad. With a removable plastic basket to hold teddy or clothes, this toy will give hours of fun. Recommended for children ages 3 - 8 years. Built with solid wheels and a rugged metal frame, galvanized for corrosion protection and powder coated just like the real thing, this quality item will last for years. Includes colourful pegs. Folds for easy storage.

Package: Metal Trolley

Metal Clothes Line

Item Code: BO1090

Package: Metal Clothes Line

Laundry-time has become playtime with this sturdy metal clothesline for the child who wants to hang out the clothes with mum or dad. Excellent realistic role play toy. Recommended for children ages 3 - 8 years.

Metal Clothes Line is galvanised for rust protection and has realistic rotating arms. Product includes pegs and a sturdy nylon cord. Easy to assemble.

Shopping Basket

Item Code: BO970

Plastic shopping basket with handles, wonderful for role play activities.